Akashic Record

The memory storage system of the Universe, that is enacted at different scales.

The Akashic Report is current at bigger and smaller scales. On the atomic stage, the atom produces electromagnetic waves in a steady cycle. These cycles are mirrored all through the Universe at completely different time scales. On this approach, ideas such because the second, minute, hour, day, and so forth, discover their place throughout the Time-House continuum.

On the human stage, the Akashic Report shops data handed by the 5 senses, registering the reminiscence of every second. Every human being has a private Akashic that permits them to recall tales and recollections of their lives. Much like a tough drive, every second is registered. Nevertheless, its methodology differs from a pc as moments are grouped into tales, sequential frames of time. We ascribe that means to occasions that may be triggered upon the re-enactment of sight, sound, style, contact or scent.

Moreover, we use our ego to focus on items of the Akashic and might program ourselves to register and recall data extra successfully. This may be emphasised by the follow of Sacred Geometry. Some folks declare to have recalled previous lives, and plenty of therapeutic strategies interact with the Akashic to heal previous traumas. Past this, there’s the likelihood to get better recollections out of your previous, and on this approach, attain a state of quasi-immortality.

The one factor that separates the mortal from the immortal is our means to recollect. As soon as that is achieved, loss of life turns into nothing greater than a renewal of the decaying physique.

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