july, 2020

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An introduction into Fractal Geometry
Have you ever wondered how nature can express itself in so many ways and still holds very defined forms? In this online-broadcast, you will learn about repeating patterns (fractals) and the nature of infinity. Explore the complexity of this world through the simplicity of geometry!
Would you like to…
▶ gain a deeper understanding of fractal geometry?
▶ learn how to create a fractal with a drawing compass?
▶ engage in metaphysical concepts and debate?
In this workshop, we will explore the nature of fractal geometry, which has only been studied very recently since computers became part of our life. We apply it in many ways, e.g. in modeling the climate and statistical analysis. It is quite astounding how this geometrical pattern is based on very simple mathematics but produces unbelievable complex outcomes. Are fractals the reason why nature has so much variety? Discover the answers by engaging in a creative learning experience and enhance your understanding of a pattern that may also be a part of yourself.
📌 Virtual Classroom
We have designed an online space for you to draw digitally, save compass constructions, engage in discussions and quizzes. Optionally you can also use a drawing compass to draw your fractal on paper and hang it on your wall.
📌 Free Workshop:
Feel free to donate afterward if you like to support our work.
📌 Classroom capacity:
Participation in our virtual classroom is unlimited and you can also follow the session live on all of our broadcasting channels.
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1st of July, London (UK): 2:30pm

Other Timezones:
New York (US): 9:30am
Frankfurt (Germany): 3:30pm
Mumbai (India): 7pm
Manila (Philippines): 9:30pm

—- The Facilitator —-
Colin Power (UK) is passionate about geometry, science, and music. He has pioneered digital music experiences for people with disabilities for over 10 years, exploring new ways of education. His workshops are renowned for his thought-provoking ideas that reach into the very heart of the human experience. He is co-founder of In2infinity, which makes universal knowledge accessible through creative learning. With a team of over 20 facilitators, they provide workshops, talks, retreats, and trainings that explore scientific and philosophical ideas through geometry and music.


(Wednesday) 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM London (UK)


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